Online Pharmacy Technician Schools

Online Pharmacy Technician Schools are there to help you earn your college degree in as little as just 12 months and can conveniently earn your online degree from within the comfort of your own home. That’s possible because there are several learning institutions on the web offering different type trainings.

Being a Pharmacy technician employee alone will give you a salary estimated to $26,000 and this is more than enough to meet one’s normal daily needs. You can get this position by checking on learning institution that you may find in the web that offers courses and trainings for the said field. Although you will not be called a certified doctor – because you will need to finish six more years in school plus and internship and of course a license and your wage will be more or less around $ 70,000. That is still fine because you can always choose to continue when time and budget permits.

Most online pharmacy technician schools will equip each student with the very same knowledge that you may get from a physical classroom set up and master the following: Medical terminology, and the right measurements, Label & Prescription information, Anatomy, Physiology, and Knowledge about poisoning and how to deal with drug emergency. You will have to learn and understand this by heart because you will work closely and under the directives of a certified doctor so make sure that everything that you have learned from online pharmacy technician schools will be applied perfectly.

During the course, you may also study the field of filing and claiming from insurance companies for as a Doctor’s assistant, you may be asked to handle this task which is part of taking care of the needs of each patient. Some learning facilities that you may find in the web even offers courses for the said field that you can finish in six months plus an externship so students will have hands on training experience and be familiar with potential employers. To make it easier for the student, some learning facilities may also have a program called “Pass or don’t pay” wherein given the student was not able to pass the exam to be certified, the student will not have to pay for the exam fee for it will be waived 100%.

There are several benefits if you choose to learn from a learning facility on the web:

• You have your full freedom to manage your time. You are more likely to receive one module at a time and at the end of each module, you will be given an exam. If you pass the exam, then the next module will be sent to you. You can read and understand the entire module at your own phase and if you feel that you are ready to take the exam, you may do so. In a typical classroom set up, you cannot do that for the professor have to consider the other students.

• And since internet is available almost everywhere, you can learn and access your module wherever you are.

Lastly, online pharmacy technician schools are said to be more cost efficient than attending a physical school. You don’t need any transportation allowance just to learn, you don’t need extra allowance for uniforms, food and other expenses that you may need if you are in a typical classroom set up which is the real reason why more and more people opt to get their college certification from online schools for convenience, affordability and quality is very possible to achieve in this kind of setting.

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Common Myths About Marketing Your Compounding Pharmacy – Advertising to Get Your Name Out There

Two years ago, two women opened a compounding pharmacy in a large metropolitan city. They spent tens of thousands of dollars on building the pharmacy, training, and equipment. They painstakingly made sure that every detail was perfect when they opened their doors. But a year after they opened, they were still barely doing 5 compounds per day. One of the partners went back to work at a retail chain to help keep the doors open. They didn’t understand why the business wasn’t doing better. They ran ads in the local paper, had their delivery car wrapped with their logo, they even had a billboard on the highway. Unfortunately, they weren’t bringing in any business and spending a ton of money on marketing that didn’t work. The next year they had to close their doors.

Many new compounders confuse advertising with marketing. Advertising is a part of marketing but it is not the only thing that you should be doing. In fact it may be one of the last things you should be doing in your pharmacy. But many use it first. And when you think about it, it makes sense, it’s the newspaper and journals and print publications that usually show up right after you put down the last coat of paint on the wall. They tell you all about the tens of thousands of people you’ll be in front of if you advertise with them, You commit to a contract and then…NO Sales! And even if you do have sales you are not sure if they came from the ad or referrals. You never the ad go because you are under the belief that you have to get your name out there.

Myth 1- I have to advertise to get my name out there

This is one the most common myths about marketing a compounding pharmacy that I see. Owners are spending thousands of dollars sometimes per month to keep their name out there. They think that having a generic ad about their quality and service is enough to make people come running in with a prescription. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way. Now let me say this- there is nothing inherently wrong with advertising. In some cases it can be very effective if it is done correctly. Correctly means:

It has a great attention grabbing headline that meets your target audience’s problem
It promises that you can solve the problem your audience has
There is a direct call to action
You direct them to something like a web page on your site where they can do something and you can collect information about the reader.

Doing this means that you can effectively track how well your ad is doing in the marketplace. Let go of the idea that advertising is about getting your name out there. Advertising is not about getting your name out there. It is about bringing in cash so you can pay your bills, employees and ultimately yourself.

Have you ever run an ad that did well? Share what you did that made it work well for your pharmacy.

Happy Marketing!

Renee Moore, MBA

Much Moore Marketing

CEO and Marketing Maven


Compounding Pharmacy – What You Need To Know If You Want To Be A Compound Pharmacist

In years gone by it was always the doctor’s need for convenience that dictated how a patient should be treated. These days there is a more patient centered approach and all treatment is tailored specifically to the patients’ unique needs. As such the practice of compounding pharmacy is growing and there is a greater demand for custom made medication. If you want to get involved you can become a compound pharmacist.

What do compound pharmacists do?
Compound pharmacists are the ones responsible for the practice of compounding pharmacy. This means that they create medication using a number of raw ingredients. This is done to specification, to ensure that the right dosages and substances are present to meet each patient’s need. This may involve making an ordinary dry tablet, a capsule or even turning powder into a liquid. So, if you always liked chemistry this will be perfect for you.

How do you train?
Compound pharmacists have the qualification of traditional pharmacists but undergo further training. In most countries, however, what you would consider “ordinary” pharmacists also have the ability to do a limited amount of compounding. After normal pharmaceutical training you will go on to gain some experience in the field and then do a course in compounding pharmacy. Like any other course you will have exams at the end, and at the end of it all you will have the knowledge and skills to be a competent compounding pharmacist.

Where can you train?
Compound pharmacy isn’t the most popular of education paths so you would find it a little more difficult to find than most courses. The easiest way to find an institution to train at would be online. Simply search for schools in your area and have a look at their course structure. You’ll be mixing it up before you know it.

A Little Info on Pharmacy Refrigerators

n a pharmacy, many medications have to be preserved. The only way to maintain and protect them is to store them in very lower temperatures. Many medications require to be kept at temperatures that fall between one and ten degrees Celsius. This is why keeping them stored in pharmacy refrigerators is important. Here is some more information on them.

These refrigerators are very different from the basic ones found in most homes. These can be set to extremely low and freezing temperatures which would not be suitable for basic food preservation. But for medications, they are perfect for preserving them in order to keep them in the necessary condition for when customers pick them up for their prescriptions.

Labs also use them. Instead of medications, people who work in labs use them to preserve specimens, biological materials, and pharmaceutical materials. This is because each one of those three things also have to be kept at lower temperatures.

Some of these refrigerators come with extra features for functionality. For instance, some come with additional drawers installed in them for storing additional materials. Some come with glass doors and lighted displays so each item stored in the refrigerator can easily be seen and picked out. This type is especially good for labs because they use various small sized specimens which at times can be hard to identify.

Some also have an automatic defrost feature that will unfreeze the contents inside to a certain degree. Some even have digital displays and controls that show what the current temperature inside is set at. Also, some have automatic door locking mechanisms to ensure that the items inside will safely be preserved.

That was some information on pharmacy refrigerators. They are an important part of any pharmacy and some labs. They can be set to very low temperatures that will preserve important things like medications and specimens.

Refrigeration & AirConditioning []

PCAT Strategies – The 7 Tips You Will Need In Order To Ace This Pharmacy Entrance Exam

There is no type of studying system that will guarantee you a perfect mark on the PCAT; however, there are strategies that you can use in order to get a score better on the PCAT. The following strategies are:

1) Do not study from the textbook. Studying from the textbook is an absolute waste of time and the volume that you will need to cover is just too vast. Instead focus on a few selected study guides that I have chosen.

2) The PCAT is not the 100 meter dash. It is a marathon. You must be physically and mentally in shape. How can you do this? Simple. Just get a good night’s rest 1 week prior to the exam. You must establish a rhythmic schedule at least 1 week before taking the exam. Study in chunks instead of the regular cram sessions that most students tend to practice.

3) Make sure to bring a sweater or jacket on the day of the exam. It may be hot and humid outside, however, inside may be cold as the North Pole. Just to be safe, make sure you dress in layers.

4) Do not skip any questions. Unlike the SAT, when you answer a question incorrectly you will not be penalized. So make sure that you answer every single question to the best of your abilities

5) Work out of the test booklet first then bubble in you answer sheet later. You will save time and less likely to commit the “miss a bubble agony” when you go back and bubble your answers by using this method.

6) For the Writing sections, make sure that you outline what you are going to write first. Then write the essay. This will not only save you time but also gives you ample opportunity to plan for the things you are going to write about.

7) The day before the PCAT, make sure that you do not study. There is no use in studying for the PCAT the day before the exam. Just go watch a movie or hang out with family or friends. Enjoy your day!

There you have it. The 7 PCAT Strategies that you can use today in order to increase your score. Print it out and share this information with your pre-pharmacy friend.

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Get Perfect White Teeth With 2 Simple Methods

Are you satisfied with your teeth? Are they white enough?

If you are one of those people who missed the bus when it comes to perfect white teeth, or have developed stains over the past few years from drinking coffee, red wine and may need a little boost of confidence with perfect white teeth, then I warn you will NOT have to spend $100’s on expensive treatments.

The real story is folks that you can get perfect white teeth right at home. Don’t be believe, check this out. Not too long ago, it wasn’t worth your effort to even try to whiten your teeth at home. I mean it was costly, messy and most of the times it never worked.

However, over the past year or so new treatments have emerged which can be applied right at home to get perfect white teeth. If anyone at anytime tells you NOW, that you have to go to a dentist to get shiny teeth is wrong!

If you have in the past have tried those teeth whitening toothpastes or have applied sloppy gels in order to satisfy your smile, or anyone else, this treatment is for you. Why? Because I know for a fact you have failed and that’s why you are reading this.

I have good news! Now its easy as 1,2 and 3 to get perfect white teeth right at home. Its almost as easy as putting white out on a piece of paper.

2 Best Options

1. Whitening Pens – They are a piece of cake to use! You can get them at the pharmacy or even online.

2. White Strips – They work very well (better then before) and are readily available at your local

3. 3 best option??

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Online Pharmacy And Other Means Of Managing Your Depression

You lost a lot of money when New York Giants defeated New England Patriots in the latest Super Bowl. Most likely, you feel disappointed right up this very minute. Who wouldn’t be? But you know what, it is perfectly fine to feel upset during times of temporary setbacks as long as what you feel remains, well, temporary.

Everyone grapples with dashed hopes every once in a while. Being sad is as normal as having bad food for dinner or seeing a bird chirping on a tree. Feeling sad is a natural fact of life and what makes it natural is the feeling of resiliency that possesses you even in times of bleakness. But if your mood has been on the down low for a very long time, you could be suffering from a condition known as clinical depression. And it can really be bad.

If you are suffering from any of the several types of depressive disorders, you are likely to lose interest in most, if not all of your day-to-day activities; this can negatively affect your relationships, your job, and your study. As depression continues to engulf you, the very idea of having fun will seem alien to you. No wonder then that people who suffer from this condition feel that they are living inside a deep dark abyss.

The sad part is that depression is considered as an affliction, meaning, you can not just brush it away and force it to stop. In the end, it can be an incapacitating condition. But the good news is that there are treatments which can help you get back in control. Given the many categories of this disorder, you should not expect that there will be one surefire way to deal with it. Treatment methods for this disorder can be different, depending on the type of depression that a person is suffering from.

Antidepressant Drugs

First on the list of traditional treatment methods for depression is the use of antidepressant drugs. For decades, countless sufferers of depressive disorders have benefited from this type of medication. Antidepressants can help you feel good about yourself and lighten your mood.


Treatment using psychotherapeutic techniques has been done for years now. And such method has been proven to help allay the patient’s miseries and somehow implant a feeling of renewed encouragement. In essence, these techniques aid the patient to establish positive goals in life.

Other Treatment Methods

There are other ways to deal with this health condition. But more often, these treatment methods are labeled as alternative medication. Take the case of acupuncture, which have been used by the Chinese to remedy depression and other health disorders. Studies have shown that acupuncture helped in lowering the general feeling of bleakness among patients by as much as 40%. Regular exercise has also been tagged as an effective treatment for various forms of clinical depression. A thirty-minute daily regimen can aid in preventing depressive disorders from coming back.

If you suffer from this condition, you should know the underlying causes. More often than not, your problems in life can trigger this illness. Never forget to seek immediate medical attention. While it is true that taking pills alone will not solve your problems, certain drugs can help bring back the chemical balance in your brain and reduce the manifestation of depressive disorders. Antidepressant medicines need proper prescription from your doctor and you can obtain them from drugstores or any online pharmacy.

Elizabeth Martin King is a first-rate health and fitness correspondent and a published author. A regular contributor to popular health magazines and resource sites, she strives to raise awareness about various issues that touch on healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. Several of her insightful writings are featured in []

The Problem With Applying For 2 Job Openings at a Pharmacy

The dilemma of your wanting to apply for two job positions is a simple one. While you may have a genuine interest in two positions available within a company, my advice to you is: Decide on one job to apply for & put your full effort there.

You may have extreme resistance to my answer because you (…fill in the blank with your reasoning…), but let me ask you this – why do you want to apply for 2 positions with the same pharmacy/hospital? I have seen pharmacists come to me with this dilemma, and usually they tell me they want to apply for both jobs because they want to make sure that if they don’t get one job, they get the other.

Here’s the truth you don’t want to hear: You dilute the strength of your application by coming across that 1) you don’t really know what you want, 2) even if you truly know what you want, it’s harder to point out everything about you that aligns with the position are applying for, when you have to do it for two separate pharmacist positions. You don’t want to hear this, because you want to believe the illusion that more is better. Two applications for two separate positions equals two chances at a job, right? Wrong. 1+1 doesn’t equal 2 here.

If you don’t wish to listen to my advice & want to apply for 2 jobs anyway, I suggest you apply for one job first, then if you don’t get a response or get rejected for it, apply for the second job. And in that second job application, re-write your resume and definitely include a cover letter that explains why you also have an interest in this other role, along with why you would be good for that particular role, citing specific highlights that support it.

If you want some help with this, there are 3 options you can choose from:

1) Find out how to do stand out from your competition by doing it yourself, with access to secrets of what works & what doesn’t,
2) Get your resume done professionally by a marketing expert so that it gets noticed in this competitive job market
3) Do it yourself without having the edge over your competition.

The pharmacist job market is saturated with competition for the desired positions right now. I am seeing perfectly qualified pharmacists being headstrong about doing what they’ve always done before with applying for jobs. They apply on their own without getting advice or access to the inside secrets of what hiring managers are looking for, and then they come to me when the damage is already done. When they don’t hear back from the employer, or they hear “sorry, we filled the position already”, it’s too late. They blew it. Don’t be the one who blows it. You have one chance to stand out-all you have to do is do it right the first time.

The Perfect Holiday Hotel

There are many things that make a holiday perfect and it is true that the little details count a lot but the big ones are important also. So, besides nailing the perfect flight and saving enough money to indulge yourself with everything you want, the accommodation is also a very important part of any holiday. So how can you decide where would be the perfect place to spend your nights while on vacation?

One of the first things on your list of to dos would be to check which hotels are available for the location where you want to go. You might want to ask for the help of the dear, old Internet and see what hotels and inns are there. Also, you could visit some review websites to see what people think about the place. It is important to get to learn as much information as possible about the place as you will be staying there for a few days.

The things that should interest you are the date it was built, whether it was redecorated in the past few years, some details about the staff and how they treat guests. It might seem a bit much but taking changes is adventurous however having a parachute strapped on your back is safer.

So dig as much as you can. When you are working with a travel agency then they will provide you with all the information you need. Also, they will be the ones that will vouch for the place so you can take it up with them if you don’t like it.

Something else that you will have to do is to call the hotel yourself. Ask what special services they have, if they have room services, a pharmacy opened twenty four hours a day and also if they have a private parking with a guard. It might seem a bit much but you will be thankful afterward

Obtaining the Perfect Golf Swing

There is not a single golfer who has never dreamed of having a golf swing that is flawless. Of course, mastering the swing is not easy, and oftentimes, many people simply want to stop trying to improve their movements. Honest players who can admit that they have room for improvement will find it much easier to accomplish the perfect golf technique.

Golf players are very good at making excuses why their scores are so high. They can blame it on the clouds or the course itself. They can also say they feel poorly or are distracted by personal matters. None of these excuses will help any golfer improve his swing. If your objective is to lower your game score, then you will need to truthfully admit your golfing issues. In most cases, the error typically lies in a player’s swing.

There are numerous golf instruction products which can be used as golf swing aids. First of all, you can purchase training tools which will track the movements of a golfer’s swing for precision. Similar aids can evaluate a player’s stance. There is even a wrist device which functions by ensuring the wrist is correctly positioned throughout a swing. These few items do not even represent a small portion of the golf resources that can be used to enhance a player’s performance.

One can think of all these products as remedies, but you should not just go out and buy anything without doing the proper research. Before you go into a pharmacy to buy medicine, you have to know what your symptoms are. The same ideology applies to perfecting your golf techniques. If you want to fix your swing, then you need to know what is wrong with it.

The best way to diagnose your swing ailment is by assessing a variety of golf swings. You can do this in several ways:

• Using computer software, you can analyze a tape recording of your golf performance. The program will tell you what is wrong with your swing.

• Purchase a video that guides you through all the elements of a proper golf swing.

• Make a recording of a professional golfer. Compare the performance with your own.

• Have a golf expert analyze your golf techniques.

Once you have identified the reasons why your swing is not perfect, then you can take steps to correct the flaws in your game. There are many ways you can enhance your swing. Among them are training aids and computer programs which can help you lower your score.

For more information, visit Golf Swing Helpers []. They have a complete resource center including a Free Special Report, fun survey, a wealth of articles and some product reviews. Bing Wang has written a number of well-written articles on golf swing and they can be found at Golf Swing Reviews [].